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Some common words of Rajasthani language, if you travel to Rajasthan which can help you here.

If you are thinking of visiting Rajasthan , then you should learn some common spoken words here, so that you can talk to the local here, because every country has its own different language. And in India, each state has its own dialect and Rajasthan language is mainly Marwari language. Most people here do not speak English nor Hindi.

If you want to say hi to someone in Rajasthani language then say :- "KHAMMA GHANI OR RAAM RAAM SA"

If you want to ask how much money. So say :- ''katra piya" pronounce :- Kat - RA Piya

Some more words of Rajasthani language are given in the table.

English           Rajasthani Language

My name is.               Mhaaro nom hain

What is your name.   Thaaro nom koee hain

I would like to to         Thodo paanee mili
Drink some water

Good morning.            Subh prabhat

Yesterday/Tomorrow.     Kaale

Is there someone here.     Athe koi angreji
Who speaks English.          Bolan  Walo hai

Good bye.                         Pacha miloo

Where is the                     guchal-khano kathe
Toilet. Hain.

Good night.                       Sovan Jau main

These are some common words of Rajsthani language that can help you move around here.

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